Monday, 4 July 2016

The Open Content Network for SuccessFactors LMS

“Content is king”- a correctly quoted phase that says a lot of thing about a perfect site.  Now what good is an LMS if it has no content?  It is very evident that LMS content can or should, come in many different forms now. Learning today is all about just about sitting in a classroom, or mindlessly clicking through the internet.  While there are many organizations today who are seeing the need for an LMS to support their organizations learning strategy and goals, there are a lot of them struggling with the content that goes into them, this is especially seen among the smaller companies.

SuccessFactors introduced the Open Content Network for the successfactors Learning product.  This is an extension of the LMS which allows it for integration with a few selected MOOC providers which helps to incorporate a vendor’s courses into the organization’s LMS.  This may also allow organizations to present online learning courses from within the LMS directly. In little or no investment an organization can increase their catalogue substantially, by providing more and big engaging training opportunities to learners and at the same time get the benefit from having the ability to track all the information within the LMS.

Let’s now illustrate how the Open Content Network which can be turned on within your LMS and considerations that comes with it.  While doing so we would keep in mind that right now the Open Content Network is still very new and there are definitely some great benefits which can be realized immediately for all the organizations, but it would be more exciting if the potential of what this may lead to a perfect LMS.

The content which is available with the vendors are currently integrated and may not be overly applicable to all the organizations, and therefore the integration to some of the providers are still way to go for cutting down on administrator efforts in tracking user training.  Nevertheless, the groundwork has been laid successfully, and there are plenty of things to be excited about for the Open Content Network into the future.

Looking forward to a brighter future with The Open Content Network for SuccessFactors LMS.