Sunday, 11 December 2016

Performance Management Module in Sap Success Factors

Performance Management modules is an extended capabilities of talent management solutions. Continuous performance management has designed to solve some of the issues identified in performance management programs, the new capabilities allow managers and employees to have one to one check-ins to ensure activities accomplishing. This will make sure that the activities and goals are on track. SAP Success factors Performance and goals includes performance management capabilities that revive and motivate managers and employees to help in alignment and coaching.
With continuous performance management within SAP Success factors Performance and goals the following are the benefits
  • This allows employees to know their capabilities, performance and document progress. Also they will come to know about their achievements and feedback. They will stay updated with business information.
  • Human resource managers will know the entire information of the employees like on what they are working, to how extent they are completing their projects and all which helps managers to provide their support or guidance to the employees effectively.
  • HR can track the conversations that are held one to one or one to many taking place in an organization. This will remind HR to have conversations on performance and provide guidance on training.
All the technologies that are developed to improve performance of an individual and working environment in an organization to increase success rate. With continuous performance management and goals the communication and workforce will be motivated. This is used to increase employees performance and as they will know feedback on their performance. Also managers look for tools to improve their employee’s knowledge and skills by guiding them effectively.
Sap Successfactors performance and goals are considered as trusted talent management solution for all companies across all regions.

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